Black Tiaras

If happiness had a name, I'd be yodeling it across the Himalayas. I'm not the best example of perfection but I'm the best version of me. Simply unique. I know, I know, you've heard all that before but since they say Tumblr is all about personal expression I might as well get in all the cheesy one liners i can before time (and your patience) runs out. Other than that I'm not preaching anything here that I don't practice so atleast that makes me honest. I love mindless rambling (quite evident innit?) and I can't quite frankly wrap my head around what type of blog this should be so I'll just call it what it is - What's on my mind 24*7. It's me and my fascinations out to take the world by a storm or atleast that's what the pretty packaging promised.
aka @BlackTiaras
Designation: Latently intense Scorpio.

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'Roo'demption #MUFC*All HAIL!*♥ 

'Roo'demption #MUFC
*All HAIL!*

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